Voters rejected Measure O. Measure O would have halted the planned construction of a new Downtown Santa Cruz Library, affordable housing and parking lot project at Cedar and Cathcart streets. (Jayson Architecture)

Measure O: City of Santa Cruz Downtown Library Initiative – Majority to pass

Vote Total
Yes 9656 (40.52%)
No 14174 (59.48%)

SANTA CRUZ >> A voter initiative to halt the Downtown Santa Cruz library, housing and garage project was rejected by voters, according to offiical election results Dec. 6.

Measure O sought to halt the planned construction of a new library, affordable housing and parking garage project on a city parking lot at Cedar and Cathcart streets in Downtown Santa Cruz.

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What would Measure O do?

Passage of Measure O would:

  • Force renovation of the existing Downtown library at 224 Church St. rather than construct a new library at Cathcart and Cedar streets.
  • Create a permanent home for the Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market at its current location on city parking Lot 4.
  • Designate eight city-owned lots for future affordable housing development, partly funded by parking revenue. Measure O’s authors and city consultants disagree on whether some parking lots could be developed for affordable housing.

What does a “yes” vote mean?

A “yes” vote would halt the development of the mixed-use library, garage and affordable housing project. Passage of Measure O would promote affordable housing development at eight other city-owned parking lots and create new rules about affordable housing projects on those lots.

What does a “no” vote mean?

A “no” vote would allow the Downtown library, housing, parking garage and shops project to continue as planned.

For background information on Measure O, read Santa Cruz Local’s Election Guide.

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