Santa Cruz Local, LLC is a private company co-owned by Kara Meyberg Guzman and Stephen Baxter. We are seeking investors. We intend to disclose our investors as part of our commitment to transparency.

We believe in a separation between Santa Cruz Local’s news gathering operations and business operations. No investor of Santa Cruz Local will have any influence or early access to our podcasts, news articles or any other form of journalism we produce. We will disclose when our stories or podcasts involve an investor or their related interests.

Crowdfunding and advertisements are also sources of income for Santa Cruz Local. Similarly, our work will have editorial independence from any individual donors and advertisers. We intend to publish a list of our donors.

Stephen Baxter is a home appraiser at Pacific Residential Appraisals in Aptos. Appraisers are hired as a neutral third party between real estate buyers and sellers to establish real estate values. His journalism is wholly separated from his appraisal work. Most of his appraisal work is done outside of Santa Cruz County.

His wife works in Half Moon Bay.