Last updated: June 9, 2023

Santa Cruz Local will investigate what’s being done to address homelessness in Santa Cruz County. We want to look at programs that have shown promise at addressing homelessness in other parts of California. We want to understand how those approaches work, examine their limitations and share insights. We’ll post our series here and update this page when we publish new stories.

  • We’ll produce rigorous, critical stories on tangible progress on homelessness, so we can understand what works.
  • We’ll hear from people experiencing homelessness. The people most affected by plans and policies aren’t heard from enough by local media and local leaders.

This reporting will build on our previous stories and podcast episodes with insight into problems and solutions related to homelessness in Santa Cruz County. 

We’ve heard from hundreds of Santa Cruz County residents that solving homelessness is their top priority. We’ve planned this series because of you.

This series is made possible by the support of more than 100 Santa Cruz Local readers. Santa Cruz Local readers gave more than $20,000 in July and August 2021 to support this series. 

This series won the Local Independent Online News Publishers Award for Outstanding Coverage in October 2022.

Milan Evje at the Benchlands homeless camp in Santa Cruz

Views of the unhoused in Santa Cruz County

Homeless residents share their solutions