Measure H – Live Oak School District bond

Voters in Live Oak School District will decide whether to approve $44 million in bonds with Measure H in the March 5 election. The district includes Live Oak south of Highway 1. It has six schools:

  • Del Mar Elementary School.
  • Green Acres Elementary School.
  • Live Oak Elementary School.
  • Ocean Alternative School.
  • Shoreline Middle School.
  • Tierra Pacifica Charter School.

The measure needs more than 55% of the vote to be adopted.

What is Measure H?

Measure H would allow Live Oak School District to issue $44 million in bonds to replace and repair school buildings and other facilities. Property owners in the district would pay about $30 per $100,000 of assessed property value annually for 30 years or until the bond is paid.

Measure H as it appears on the March 5 ballot: 

To modernize and construct classrooms, restrooms, and school facilities; install ventilation and air conditioning systems, make health, safety and security improvements, and equip schools with 21st century learning technology, shall the Live Oak Elementary School District measure authorizing $44.0 million in bonds, at legal rates, be adopted levying an estimated $30 per $100,000 of assessed value generating on average $2.8 million annually while bonds are outstanding, with citizens’ oversight, annual audits and all money staying local?

What would Measure H do?

If Measure H is adopted:

  • The school district would issue $44 million in bonds. The money would be spent on repairs and upgrades to school buildings and other facilities.
  • Property owners in Live Oak School District would pay an annual tax of about $30 per $100,000 of assessed property value for about 30 years until the bonds are paid. Assessed property value usually changes when a property is sold, and it is typically lower than the market value.
  • The school district would create an oversight committee and complete an annual audit of bond expenditures.

What does a “yes” vote mean?

A “yes” vote would authorize an annual property tax within Live Oak School District to fund $44 million in bonds.

What would a “no” vote mean?

A “no” vote would not authorize a new property tax or bond.

Thing to consider about Measure H:

The money could be used on school facilities and equipment. It could not legally be used for teacher or administrative salaries. Kristin Pfotenhauer, president of the Live Oak School District Board of Trustees, said the bond would pay for:

  • School building maintenance and repairs.
  • Improved heating, cooling and ventilation systems.
  • Making buildings more accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Replacement of aging portable classrooms.
  • Adding fences or other security features in school parking lots.

Measure H bond money would be legally bound to school properties and could not be used for work on the Live Oak Senior Center which is on school district property, according to the measure and Pfotenhauer. Teacher housing is proposed on the site of the senior center. 

“There has been some concern that this bond might be used in a way that negatively affects” the Live Oak Senior Center, Pfotenhauer said.

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