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SANTA CRUZ >> The Santa Cruz County Elections Office released an updated count Friday afternoon, showing almost no change from Wednesday’s results in the top local races.

The recalls of two Santa Cruz City Council members, Chris Krohn and Drew Glover, still appeared to pass. Friday’s tally showed the “Yes” vote for the recall of Krohn with 54.5% of the vote. The “Yes” vote for Glover’s recall had 56.7% of the vote. That’s a 0.2% increase for each since Wednesday.

As of Friday, Katherine Beiers led Don Lane by 9 percentage points in the race to replace Krohn, should the recall pass. Renee Golder led Tim Fitzmaurice by 22 percentage points in the race for Glover’s seat, should the recall pass.

The crowded race for 1st District county supervisor still had incumbent John Leopold ahead of top challenger Manu Koenig, with 46.4% to 29.6%. Leopold inched closer to the 50% threshold to avoid a November runoff , but fell short as of Friday.

Measure R, the proposed Cabrillo College parcel tax, remained shy of the 55% threshold needed to pass. Friday’s tally showed the “Yes” on Measure R vote with 51% of the vote.

John Beck, the county’s vote-by-mail coordinator, verifies signatures on uncounted ballots Thursday afternoon. (Kara Meyberg Guzman — Santa Cruz Local)

These results are still unofficial. The county elections office released a report Thursday afternoon showing an estimated 44,000 ballots still left to count. Most are vote-by-mail ballots.

Early next week, the county is expected to release updated results from Tuesday’s election. The election will be certified by March 31.

Local election results

Updated as of 4 p.m. Friday

Should Santa Cruz City Councilmember Drew Glover be removed from office? – needs majority vote to pass

Yes 9,283 56.69%
No 7,092 43.31%

Which candidate should replace Glover, should he be removed from office?

Renee Golder 9,003 60.55%
Tim Fitzmaurice 5,621 37.81%

Should Santa Cruz City Councilmember Chris Krohn be removed from office? – needs majority vote to pass

Yes 8,839 54.50%
No 7,378 45.50%

Who should replace Krohn, if he’s removed from office?

Katherine Beiers 7,841 53.72%
Don Lane 6,484 44.42%

Measure R – Cabrillo College bond – needs 55% to pass

No 30,841 48.97%
Yes 32,132 51.03%

Santa Cruz County Superior Court judge

Nancy de la Peña 24,474 43.79%
Jack Gordon 14,668 26.25%
Annrae Angel 16,399 29.34%

State assemblymember, 29th district

Incumbent Mark Stone (D) 44,452 78.91%
Shomir Banerjee (R) 11,714 20.79%

State assemblymember, 30th district

Incumbent Robert Rivas (D) 4,955 75.86%
Gregory Swett (R) 1,562 23.91%

State senator, 17th district

John Laird (D) 36,737 58.08%
Vicki Nohrden (R) 12,760 20.17%
Maria Cadenas (D) 11,791 18.64%
John Nevill (D) 1,843 2.91%

U.S. Representative of Congress, 18th Congressional District

Incumbent Anna Eshoo (D) 9,304 59.71%
Richard B. Fox (R) 1,774 11.38%
Rishi Kumar (R) 2,295 14.73%
Phil Reynolds (R) 1,744 11.19%
Bob Goodwyn (Libertarian) 429 2.75%

U.S. Representative of Congress, 20th Congressional District

Incumbent Jimmy Panetta (D) 32,919 66.33%
Jeff Gorman (R) 8,014 16.15%
Adam Bolaños Scow (D) 8,637 17.40%

Measure S: San Lorenzo Valley School District bond – needs 55% to pass

No 3,548 46.50%
Yes 4,082 53.50%

Measure T: Santa Cruz High School District parcel tax (needs 66.66% to pass)

Yes 23,124 71.40%
No 9,262 28.60%

Measure U: Santa Cruz Elementary School District parcel tax (needs 66.66% to pass)

Yes 13,315 77.22%
No 3,928 22.78%

Measure V: Soquel School District parcel tax (needs 66.66% to pass)

Yes 4,559 61.13%
No 2,899 38.87%

Measure W: Santa Cruz City Contracts for Public Works (Majority vote needed to pass)

Yes 12,147 80.41%
No 2,960 19.59%

Measure X: Santa Cruz City Schools district elections (needs majority vote to pass)

Yes 11,022 77.74%
No 3,156 22.26%

Measure Y: Watsonville sales tax for public safety

Yes 3,392 76.55%
No 1,039 23.45%

Kara Meyberg Guzman is the CEO and co-founder of Santa Cruz Local. ​Prior to Santa Cruz Local, she served as the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s managing editor. She has a biology degree from Stanford University and lives in Santa Cruz.