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SANTA CRUZ >> Santa Cruz County Elections Office workers processed piles of uncounted ballots Thursday, with results from Tuesday’s election still not final as more than one-third of ballots are left to count.

An estimated 43,960 ballots still have to be counted. So far, 55,494 ballots have been counted: 28,093 ballots from the polls and 27,401 vote-by-mail ballots, according to the report posted on the county’s website Thursday afternoon.

Santa Cruz County Elections Office workers processed piles of uncounted ballots Thursday afternoon. (Kara Meyberg Guzman — Santa Cruz Local)

Here’s the breakdown of uncounted ballots, according to the county’s mandatory report to the Secretary of State on Thursday afternoon.

  • 38,000 vote-by-mail ballots
  • 2,870 provisional ballots
  • 2,840 same-day registration ballots
  • 250 other ballots

An updated count is expected Friday afternoon. The final results will be certified by March 31.

The results of a recall of two Santa Cruz City Council members are still uncertain. The latest count, posted Wednesday morning with all precincts reporting, showed a 54% “Yes” vote for the recall of Councilmember Chris Krohn and a 56% “Yes” vote for the recall of Councilmember Drew Glover. More than 50% of the vote is required for the recall to pass.

Former Santa Cruz Mayor Katherine Beiers held a 10-percentage point lead over another former Santa Cruz Mayor, Don Lane, in the race for Krohn’s seat, should the recall pass.

Elementary school educator Renee Golder led with 60.7% percent of the vote to former Mayor Tim Fitzmaurice’s 37.5%, in the race for Glover’s seat, should the recall pass.

In the race for District 1 Santa Cruz County supervisor, a November runoff seemed likely.  Wednesday’s count showed incumbent John Leopold with 45.8% of the vote. A candidate needs to secure more than 50% of the vote in the primary election to avoid a two-person runoff in November. Leopold likely will face challenger Manu Koenig, who had 29.3% of the vote as of Wednesday.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to fix a typo. The count from Wednesday showed a 56% “Yes” vote for the recall of Santa Cruz City Councilmember Drew Glover.

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Kara Meyberg Guzman is the CEO and co-founder of Santa Cruz Local. ​Prior to Santa Cruz Local, she served as the Santa Cruz Sentinel’s managing editor. She has a biology degree from Stanford University and lives in Santa Cruz.