SANTA CRUZ >> Updated election results released Friday show Santa Cruz City Council members Chris Krohn and Drew Glover on track to be recalled and replaced by narrower margins than earlier tallies. 

Santa Cruz County Clerk and Registrar of Voters Gail Pellerin said that a final tally from the March 3 election is expected March 27. The state deadline to certify the election is March 31.

“We have some outstanding provisional ballots to reconcile,” Pellerin wrote in a statement Friday. “We will be here next week to continue our ballot processing and audits. The deadline for voters to cure a signature is Friday, March 27.”

Voters who need to fix signatures were mailed instructions, Pellerin said.

The “yes” vote to remove Chris Krohn tightened from 54.5% of the vote on March 6 to 52.3% on Friday. It needs more than 50% to pass. The “yes” vote to remove Drew Glover narrowed from 56.7% to 54.5%. 

Former Santa Cruz Mayor Katherine Beiers still appeared poised to replace Krohn with 54.7% of the vote. Elementary school educator Renee Golder is set to replace Glover with 59.2% of the vote, should the recall pass. 

Vote tallies changed in other races with Friday’s update but many outcomes did not.

Measure S, the Cabrillo College bond measure, still looked like it would not reach the 55% threshold to pass. It had 52.55% of the vote Friday. 

Santa Cruz County Supervisor John Leopold and runner-up Manu Koenig appeared headed toward a Nov. 3 runoff in the District 1 supervisors race. Leopold held 45.7% to Koenig’s 30.6% Friday. Koenig gained about 1 percentage point since the last tally. 

More unofficial results as of March 20 are below.

Local election results

Should Santa Cruz City Councilmember Drew Glover be removed from office? – needs majority vote to pass

Yes 12,929
No 10,812 45.54%

Which candidate should replace Glover, should he be removed from office?

Renee Golder 12,75559.21%
Tim Fitzmaurice 843039.13%

Should Santa Cruz City Councilmember Chris Krohn be removed from office? – needs majority vote to pass

Yes 12,28252.26%
No 11,218 47.74%

Who should replace Krohn, if he’s removed from office?

Katherine Beiers 11,578 54.74%
Don Lane 9,17743.39%

Measure R – Cabrillo College bond – needs 55% to pass

Yes 49,161 52.55%
No 44,384 47.45%

Santa Cruz County Superior Court judge

Nancy de la Peña 37,018 44.62%
Annrae Angel 25,088 30.24%
Jack D. Gordon 20,376 24.56%

State assemblymember, 29th district

Incumbent Mark Stone (D) 66,284 80.55%
Shomir Banerjee (R) 15,777 19.17%

State assemblymember, 30th district

Incumbent Robert Rivas (D) 8,851 80.18%
Gregory Swett (R) 2,161 19.58%

State senator, 17th district

John Laird (D) 54,513 58.18%
Maria Cadenas (D) 19,326 20.63%
Vicki Nohrden (R) 17,055 18.2%
John M. Nevill (D) 2,623 0.19%

U.S. Representative of Congress, 18th Congressional District

Anna Eshoo (D) 13,537 60.77%
Rishi Kumar (R) 3,408 15.3%
Phil Reynolds (R) 2,839 10.72%
Richard B. Fox 2,301 10.33%
Bob Goodwyn (Libertarian) 593 2.66%

U.S. Representative of Congress, 20th Congressional District

Jimmy Panetta (D) 49,453 66.4%
Adam Bolaños Scow (D) 14,162 19.01%
Jeff Gorman (R) 10,779 14.47%

Measure S: San Lorenzo Valley School District bond – needs 55% to pass

No 5,904 54.82%
Yes 4,866 45.18%

Measure T: Santa Cruz High School District parcel tax (needs 66.66% to pass)

Yes 35,104 73.31%
No 12,783 26.69%

Measure U: Santa Cruz Elementary School District parcel tax (needs 66.66% to pass)

Yes 19.869 79.06%
No 5,264 20.94%

Measure V: Soquel School District parcel tax (needs 66.66% to pass)

Yes 7,244 63.21%
No 4,216 36.79%

Measure W: Santa Cruz City Contracts for Public Works (Majority vote needed to pass)

Yes 17,801 81.36%
No 4,078 18.64%

Measure X: Santa Cruz City Schools district elections (needs majority vote to pass)

Yes 16,269 79.01%
No 4,323 20.99%

Measure Y: Watsonville sales tax for public safety

Yes 6,165 78.41%
No 1,698 21.59%

Measure Z: Scotts Valley sales tax (needs majority vote to pass)

Yes 3,293 64.15%
No 1,840 35.85%

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