Apartments above offices are planned for 1811 and 1815 Mission St. in Santa Cruz. (Peter Spellman Design Inc.)

Last updated: July 18, 2023.

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Location: 1811 and 1815 Mission St. in Santa Cruz. The property is on the south side of Mission Street between Palm and Dufour streets.

Summary: A 27-unit apartment complex with shops on the ground floor is proposed. Twenty-three units are planned to be single-room occupancy and four units would have flexible densities.

  • The project would be three stories with ground-floor offices. 
  • It would include four “very low income” units and 12 parking spaces.
  • The project would demolish two single-family homes.

Status: On June 15, the Santa Cruz Planning Commission approved the permits to demolish the single-family homes and approved permits for design, special use and boundary adjustments, said Santa Cruz Associate Planner Rina Zhou. The commission revised some conditions of approval.

Estimated construction time: Construction is expected to start in early 2024 and end in mid 2025, a representative of the developer in an email.

Developer: Oakland-based Getgo Properties LLC.

Apartments are planned to replace homes at 1811 and 1815 Mission St. in Santa Cruz. (Naomi Friedland — Santa Cruz Local)

The property is on Mission Street in Santa Cruz. (Naomi Friedland — Santa Cruz Local)

An apartment complex is planned for the 1800 block of Mission Street in Santa Cruz. (Peter Spellman Design Inc.)

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