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Get informed on the March 5 election

Santa Cruz Local is a local newsroom that serves Santa Cruz County residents. We work hard to ensure our journalism is fair, accurate, thorough, useful and accessible.

Our election guides are nonpartisan. We do not endorse any candidate or take positions on any ballot measure. 

  • Our goals are to explain the local ballot measures and press the local candidates on the priorities we heard from residents. 
  • We want to help inform residents’ discussions about the election and dig into residents’ questions.

Our newsroom is supported by members, who donate starting at $19 a month or $199 a year. Many of our members are involved in all sides of local campaigns. No member, donor or advertiser of Santa Cruz Local has weighted influence on or early access to any journalism we produce. 

As a newsroom policy, stories that reference or quote a higher-level Santa Cruz Local member include a written disclosure.

—Kara Meyberg Guzman

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