Workers install a water pipeline on Broadway from Riverside Avenue to Clay Street in Santa Cruz on Feb. 28, 2022. (Brian Phan — Santa Cruz Local)

Workers install a water pipeline on Kennedy Drive in Capitola as part of the Pure Water Soquel conveyance project on Feb. 28, 2022. (Brian Phan — Santa Cruz Local)

Last updated: Nov. 17 2022

Project Description: Eight miles of underground pipes are being fitted from the Santa Cruz Wastewater Treatment Facility at 110 California St. in Santa Cruz to a new water purification center near Chanticleer Avenue and Soquel Avenue in Live Oak. Water will continue to Aptos. The project is expected to finish by mid 2024.

Background: State authorities declared the Soquel Creek Water District groundwater basin “critically overdrafted.” That means more water is being taken out than replenished by seasonal rain. The Pure Water Soquel Conveyance Project helps prevent saltwater intrusion from moving inland and contaminating water by recharging the groundwater basin, water authorities said. To recharge the basin, water from Santa Cruz will be transported to three “seawater intrusion prevention” wells. The wells have been built near Monterey Avenue in Capitola, Willowbrook Lane in Aptos and Twin Lakes Church in Aptos.

Status: The Soquel Creek Water District board approved the project in March 2021. It started in May 2021. It is expected to finish by mid 2024. Crews plan to work on the project through neighborhoods in Santa Cruz and Aptos through mid 2024. As of November 2022 the project is about 80% through completion of the pipeline, 30% completion of the treatment, and 60% completion on the wells.

Construction Locations: Visit the Pure Water Soquel website for the latest construction updates. The website is updated twice weekly.

An interactive map shows progress of the Pure Water Soquel Conveyance Project. (Soquel Creek Water District)

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